Meet Our Team

Jennifer Lynn, DVM

DrPortraitFLAT.jpg.w180h194.jpg Dr. Jennifer Lynn is a 1986 graduate of the Colorado State University College Of Veterinary Medicine.

Dr. Lynn has practiced in Southern California for 24 years, with the last 16 focusing exclusively on Veterinary Dentistry. 

Dr. Lynn lives in the San Gabriel Valley with her husband and son. She is owned by a multitude of pets, including Chase (Golden Retriever - Practice Mascot), Lily (Labrador retriever from the Pasadena SPCA), Kiki (rescue Kitty from the SPCA), Depot & Horace (parakeets) and Steve (Betta Fish).

She'd probably have a pony in the backyard if zoning permitted...

Katie Humphries, RVT

Katie Humprhies is our Registered Veterinary Technician.  Katie has deep experience in veterinary surgery, working with noted Veterinary Surgeons throughout Southern California.  Her skill and experience make her the perfect person to monitor anesthesia and ensure that every patient has the best possible outcome. 

Katie is owned by several cats and is an avid animal lover.  She also enjoys  ballet, travel and hockey - her support for the Kings is so strong that she enlisted the entire AVD Team to support the Kings' playoff runs.  As Katie would say:  "Go, Kings, Go!"

Chase, Mascot

ChaseMascot.jpg.w180h243.jpg Chase is a 11-year old Golden Retriever.

Chase came to us from a Golden Retriever rescue group. Despite having had a disadvantaged puppy-hood, Chase has become quite a distinguished Golden and often receives compliments for his handsome coat and beautiful tail.  Note, please, his beautiful smile!

Chase's primary role at AVD is to welcome new patients. His work objective is to get more petting, particularly behind his right ear.